There’s Levels To This Sh*t – Makings of a Rap God

The modern rap superstar. Kendrick? Drake? J. Cole? At what point does the individual artist reach a nigh unrivaled level of musical and cultural significance? Numbers are certainly requisite; as streaming has superseded CD sales, rappers and their management are pushing for placement across a number of services, often building the brand through exclusivity deals. Before having the leverage to independently release an album to … Continue reading There’s Levels To This Sh*t – Makings of a Rap God

The Pacers’ Last Stand – Paul George and the Denver Nuggets

The Indiana Pacers offseason began on Sunday April 23, 2017 following a Game 4 106-102 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Though the Pacers were never really in contention for the title this season, the front office was in contention for the commitment of franchise player Paul George in anticipation of his summer 2018 free agency. Instilling confidence in George for him to stay was the … Continue reading The Pacers’ Last Stand – Paul George and the Denver Nuggets

Trakksounds – The Other Side

Pairadime Records’ producer extraordinaire Trakksounds released his latest full length album The Other Side on April 25, 2017. The 14 (or 15, the Soundcloud stream differs from the Apple Music one) track offering is another addition to a growing catalog of 2017’s solo producer albums, including the likes of Syd, Allan Kingdom, and Oddisee. The Houston, Texas native calls upon a number of styles in … Continue reading Trakksounds – The Other Side

Wasting Away – NBA Sideline Reporters

The Charlotte Hornets are an anomaly in the NBA, and could even be considered a pioneer. Of the Association’s 30 teams the Hornets are the only club not to designate a courtside reporter. In the era following the flamboyant outfits and charismatic persona of the late Craig Sager, the Hornets have subtly moved away from the periodic post-quarter interviews in favor of higher quality broadcast … Continue reading Wasting Away – NBA Sideline Reporters

Hiatus Kaiyote – Fluidity At Its Finest

Following sample credits on both Drake’s playlist More Life and Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN., the name Hiatus Kaiyote has cropped up more and more frequently of late. Either tucked neatly away around the 2:05 minute mark of the 9th Wonder produced “DUCKWORTH.,” gliding along the beat of Anderson .Paak’s “Without You” (also 9th Wonder produced) or set as the backdrop for Chance The Rapper’s unreleased “Hiatus … Continue reading Hiatus Kaiyote – Fluidity At Its Finest

Elhae – Aura II

While the age of slow-winding R&B during has slowed to a crawl, recent artists like Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign and PartyNextDoor have kept alive the tradition of impassioned grooves from the likes of Maxwell and R. Kelly that elicit feelings of atmospheric fervor. Enter Elhae, the 22-year-old North Dakota native who has steadily been building his discography over the last 3 years. Having relocated to … Continue reading Elhae – Aura II

Wise Beyond His Years – Settling In Review

A people’s champion of sorts, South Carolina based rapper Kenji premiered his latest project, Settling In, through Chillhop Records on April 5, 2017. His first project since 2015’s Visions, Kenji embraces a comparatively more stripped back sound to complement his equally uplifting and reflective subject matter. Produced mostly by Philanthrope from Innsbruck, Austria, Settling In is a somber approach to the atmospheric genre of chill-hop, … Continue reading Wise Beyond His Years – Settling In Review

Seasonal Unemployment – NBA Coaches Getting the Boot

As the US gears up for the final week of tax season, the NBA is reaching its final games of the 2016-17 campaign. And with the playoffs looming, at least one former player is looking for a roster spot, just as a few coaches may be clearing out their offices as teams begin recalibrating their post-season trajectories. Let’s take a look at two sideline chiefs … Continue reading Seasonal Unemployment – NBA Coaches Getting the Boot