Wiz Khalifa dropped his second EP in 2017, Pre-Rolled’s, via mixtape service Datpiff.com on June 3. Featuring a short four tracks produced entirely by Sledgren, Wiz is seemingly trying to regain the underground, stoner following he gained after the release of notable tapes like Kush & OJ and How Fly (With Curren$y).

Since he released 2014’s Blacc Hollywood, Wiz has clawed his way out of the trenches of the “wake n’ bake” crowd, instead opting for more generally approachable pop-rap hits. Critically he’s taken a knock as Blacc Hollywood and Khalifa received a paltry 54% and 56% respectively on Metacritic. More importantly though, Wiz has moved away from the lazy and at times comical weed raps through which he’s crafted his persona. Unfortunately, on Pre-Rolled’s, Wiz is rehashing old ground while lacking the charisma that made cuts like “Mezmorized” and “Glass House” from Kush and OJ fan favorites.

At the tape’s outset, Wiz puts on his best impression of Future from HNDRXX doing his best impression of a drugged out Young Thug, delivering a strained singing voice that is better left unheard. Fortunately this is Wiz’s only attempt at song on the tape, though it is jarring enough to deserve total dismissal from the project. The track itself sets the location for the remainder of the EP, as Wiz rolls out familiar voice Mr. Easy Wider, this time donning a captain’s roll as he pilots listeners through a “smooth and easy ride” in Khalifa’s kushed-out skies.

From that point onward, Wiz greets listeners with plenty of weed-references while flaunting his success and never offering any real connections to fans of his earlier works. The most notable idea Wiz brings to the tape is his flow around the 1:00 minute mark of “Comment Creepin,” lifted directly from Big Sean’s delivery of the “I cut that bitch off like an edit” bars on “Bounce Back.” The familiar flow stands out among Wiz’s generally apathetic performance across the EP but is far from redeeming for a lackluster showcase.

Thankfully, fans of Sledgren, who received plenty of play during Curren$y’s monthly mixtapes of 2016 offers spacey,  tripped-out beats that instill confidence in his future projects. Saving Wiz Khalifa, however, is a task too great.

Listen for yourself on Datpiff.com.