Slowly but surely, more and more of the NBA’s 30 teams have embraced the impending 2017-18 uniform changes. No longer supplied by Adidas, each squad has been tasked with updating their jerseys, featuring simple redesigns to fit the new Nike stylings, or the addition of a corporate sponsor which each team, save for the Oklahoma City Thunder, will don this season.  Additionally, teams will no longer be mandated to rock white-based color schemes for home bouts, so expect to see some Bulls Red at the United Center. Further information on Nike’s official lingo for the new unis can be found here.

Below is a rolling compendium of each team’s uniforms for the 2017-18 season, and will be updated as new changes arrive.

Atlanta Hawks (Sharecare)

Boston Celtics (General Electric)

Brooklyn Nets (Infor)


Brandishing a slogan that would bring a tear to Jay-Z’s eye (“We Go Hard”), the best basketball team in New York debuted their new (that’s a relative concept) uniforms on Twitter. Sporting a classic black and white branding and the matching Infor patch, Brooklyn is readying for a season of redemption, or at the very least growth, following 20 win season.

Charlotte Hornets (Jordan Brand)

hornets kemba

Being owned by Air Jordan himself comes with some perks. Regardless of if you approve of MJ’s preference of rapper (Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman), Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets will be the sole team not to represent Nike (directly), instead featuring the iconic Jumpman logo in place of Nike’s Swoosh.

Chicago Bulls

Much to the perceived dismay of Dwyane Wade, the Chicago native’s name and number were used to show off the upcoming Bulls uniforms. Using the Red “Icon Edition” for home contests, the overall design is largely static from years past (akin to their logo), keeping with Chicago’s motto “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Cleveland Cavaliers (Goodyear)

While the Cavs are in Free Agency limbo as they figure out what to do with Kyrie Irving, the Cavs’ design team worked with Nike to come up with a crisp redesign of their staple white and wine jerseys. Though the change isn’t drastic, I’m quite fond of the angular numbers, and the deeper red should contrast well with the tan hardwood.

Dallas Mavericks

Did the Mavs alter the shade of blue on the Icon edition jerseys? Either way, the brand that Cuban built sports the timeless Dallas wording across the chest and hints of the secondary silver color that once garnered its own colorway. For what could be Dirk’s final season in the league it’s only fitting that Dallas keep the uniforms similar to those worn in their leader’s 2011 championship.

Denver Nuggets (Western Union)


Featuring the rotating likeness of Gary Harris, the Nuggets astounded fans by emulating the recently scrapped jersey design of the Indiana Pacers. Though neither jersey sports the totality and sheen of the Carmelo Era baby blues, a subtle outline in the sky-inspired color around the “Denver” and “Nuggets” wordmarks should assure fans the team hasn’t completely done away with the color.

Detroit Pistons (Flagstar Bank)

pistons both

Accompanying the move from the Palace at Auburn Hills to the Little Caesars Arena in Downtown Detroit, the Pistons linked up with local banking institution Flagstar as the team’s jersey sponsor. The overall Jersey design thus far is largely the same, though a slight outline around the chest and sleeve areas is forthcoming.

Golden State Warriors (Rakuten)


Is it a forgone conclusion that the Warriors take the 17-18 title? The teams in the stacked Western Conference have some great aspirations to realize before being truly capable to dethrone the Bay Area. While we wait to see how the additions of Swaggy P and Omri Casspi will impact the GSW, take a peek at their new unis, brought to you by Rakuten.

Houston Rockets

As the off season rages on, Carmelo Anthony can at least take solace knowing what jerseys he’d be rocking whether he lands in Houston and New York.

Indiana Pacers


Alongside a personnel retool in the post-PG13 era, the Pacers unveiled new jerseys in tandem with a court redesign and motto (“We Grow Basketball”). Turning to Lance Stephenson as the de facto team model and frontman, the new uniforms scrap the broad font of last season in favor of a circular letterhead, thoroughly invoking the new mantra.

LA Clippers

clippers white and blue

Much like the depth to their roster, changes to the Clips’ jerseys are minimal this year, as the design staff has tinkered with, but far from overhauled the Blue and White uniforms.

LA Lakers

lakers icon and association

With the arrival of Lonzo Ball, Vander Blue and a host of other young promising talent, the Laker fans are anticipating a highlight reel of a season, and a potentially fruitful 2018 off season as seemingly the entire leagues contracts expire then. Before the ball hits the hardwood in September, the Lakers showcased their classic gold, purple and white jerseys, now made from 100% recycled polyester originating from plastic bottles. Additionally, the usual jersey rotation will be a bit different in 2017-18, as Sundays will no longer be reserved for the white color scheme, instead seeing gold as the “Icon” edition, white as the “Association” design and purple being inspired by the greater Laker community.

Memphis Grizzlies


Fiz and the Grizz flew under the radar for most of the off season, with the biggest takeaway being VC15 and Z-Bo moving to California. Who are we kidding, bears don’t fly and neither does the choice to debut your jersey through a video game rendering. Image courtesy of NBA2K.

Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks (Harley-Davidson)

bucks green and white

The Bucks have had one of the best redesigns in recent history, featuring an alternate court design when Antetokounmpo and the boys sport their black jerseys. Though those haven’t been released thus far, the green and whites are mostly unchanged, save for a hideous orange Harley Davidson patch. Milwaukee, follow Brooklyn’s lead; match the patch to your overall color scheme and maybe your jerseys won’t scream corporate shill.

Minnesota Timberwolves (Fitbit)


Finalizing their post-Kevin Garnett rebranding by dropping the forest green from their primary colors, the T-Wolves have embraced a pairing white and blue, cool colors suitable for equally frigid temperatures up north. The total remodeling is fitting, as fans at the Target Center have a new found hope of ending a playoff drought, putting their faith in Jimmy Butler, Tom Thibodeau and the rest of the Minnesota TimberBulls.

New Orleans Pelicans

Pelicans Blue

The Pelicans possess one of the more unique fonts of any team in the league, so it’s nice to see it still being put to use here. Ultimately, the New Orleans wording across the chest has been straightened out, hopefully signifying the Pelicans’ aspirations to keep point guard Rajon Rondo in line this season.

New York Knicks

With the same uninterested approach the front office takes to appeasing its star players, the Knicks’ jersey designers have seemingly taken to NBA 2K to debut the updated Nike Jersey. We’ll update when they become (even more) official, but until then enjoy 2K’s rated 86 Kristaps Porzingis.

Oklahoma City Thunder


As aforementioned, the Thunder are avoiding superficially unsettling their lead man Russell Westbrook and have opted not to utilize a jersey ad. Additionally, they have dropped the bogus Sunset jerseys, though the team hasn’t prophesized a full redesign away from its ever ferocious storm clouds.

Orlando Magic (Disney)


While their off season personnel moves have been spotty at best, the Magic managed to partner with the only organization fitting of a team named, well, the Magic.

Philadelphia 76ers (StubHub)

Finally able to fully embrace their youth movement assuming a healthy Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, the Sixers also embraced StubHub as their official jersey ad. Furthermore, the team unveiled slightly updated unis (or better yet, retrofitted?) that feature a classic drop shadow below the “Phila” branding. A subtle “Brotherly Love” script also graces the bottom section of the jersey, completing the all-in package the Sixers hope to be this season.

Phoenix Suns

suns purple and white

Luckily, the Suns have traded out the black and orange away colors in favor of a purple base with orange accents, escaping comparisons to candy corn and jack-o-lanterns. The Halloween theme is still present, but radiant sunsets should come to mind first, before imagery of little minions begging for candy in Phoenix.

Portland Trailblazers


The Blazers had shown off a slightly modernized pinwheel design earlier in the year (which is affixed to the shorts) but the overarching design theme is consistent with last year’s look.

Sacramento Kings (Blue Diamond)


Are “Deez Nuts” puns any good recently? With “Sac” across the Jerseys and almonds as the sponsor, the Kings can certainly make jokes of their opponents as the Sacramento area looks forward to a revitalized year with a youthful core, veteran experience (Carter and Randolph) and a new jersey to rock in the Kings’ like-new arena.

San Antonio Spurs 


The San Antonio Spurs are a lot like Sony’s DualShock controllers. They work perfectly fine year after year, they are a trusted brand among their respective fan bases and if something changes you’d best be a God-fearin’ man who hopes that change doesn’t last. In keeping with Pop and Kawhi’s stoic leadership, the Spurs made minimal jersey changes when ushering in their reveal of the Icon and Association edition Nike jerseys for 2017-18. Here’s to hoping they bring out the 1990s fiesta colors for that throwback appeal.

Toronto Raptors (Sun Life Financial)

Utah Jazz (Qualtrics)



After a 2016-17 rebranding that included a new court design and preference for the “Jazz” wordmark, Utah’s premier sports franchise made minimal refinements for the Nike collab. removing the threading inside the numbers on the white “Association Edition” uniform and adding the “We Are Utah Jazz” slogan to the bottom right of both jerseys are negligible updates, and one can only hope the forthcoming Fall and Winter releases will flaunt the Mountainous baby blue and purple from the 90s.

Washington Wizards


Considering the amount of time the Wizards put into securing Otto Porter Jr. from jumping ship, the lack of tangible changes to the (updated) Nike Jerseys is unsurprising. The Wiz have opted for a smaller number size but the colorway and general style remains constant.