Reddit is a perplexing entity. Though it regularly lands in the top 10 in Alexa rankings, people, celebrity or otherwise often cite the site’s confounding ways. The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” often plays host to a number of interesting and interactive occasions, such as a community driven canvas (the now defunct r/place) or regularly scheduled AMAs or “ask me anythings” in which users of note can field questions from members of Reddit’s varying communities.

For all the good to come out of the message board, Reddit has a history trying to balance the powers of mass galvanization with the potential for mass idiocy. Somewhere between those two is the subreddit r/hiphopheads.

As the premier sub for conversing about all things hip-hop (and often things tangentially related), HHH regularly features posts about new and upcoming tracks, albums or controversies within the music realm. More recently though, HHH has become engulfed by an outpouring of support for the most revered/feared man in all of the hip-hop: Lil B, the Based God.

Known for bestowing a curse on then Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant (in addition to his deep discography and positivity), the latest news around the Based God had fans extensively concerned. Allegedly, ahead of his performance at the Rolling Loud festival in Mountain View, CA, Lil B was jumped by fellow artists A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and PNBRock. Although the attack seemed unsuccessful, Lil B ended his set, claiming his performance equipment had been stolen.

In the wake of the crime, the r/hiphopheads subreddit saw a tremendous strike in support, manifested in a downpour of posts, ranging from Lil B songs, newly crafted diss tracks against his assailants (by unrelated artists) and general approval of Rolling Louds decision to replace PNB Rock’s set with “Gucci Gucci” artist, Kreayshawn.

All things considered, this brief moment in reddit history should live on in infamy, given that as quickly as there was a story, Lil B quelled any chances of a beef by personally calling Boogie to clear the air. Don’t worry Reddit, you’ll have another chance to brandish your pitchforks and tiki torches soon enough.