A follow-up to May’s Memoirs of the Reaper, Azizi Gibson returns with the seven-track EP, I’m Good on People.

Featuring production from frequent collaborator Kamandi as well as YG! Beatz and Millz Douglas, Azizi swaps out the steady lurking of his reaper persona from his last tape for a more sporadically themed tape; the self-proclaimed, “Nintendo King” still flaunts his preference for brooding production, as on the Millz Douglas produced outro cut “Head Huncho.”

At the same time, Azizi’s overarching approach is noticeably lighter than that of Memoirs. The intro track “Ain’t Shit” is a call out to the project’s title, as Azizi takes a nonchalant approach to calling out the misplaced priorities of the masses. “Cause these Insta hoes ain’t worth shit/ Neither is these nigga that be holdin’ clips/ Every time the picture flips they with some dicks/ Or some six, six, six, aww shit!” aptly captures Azizi’s carefree approach to the track, mirrored by his persistent assurance that he’s “just here to catch a check.”

Azizi is at his best across the EP as he continues to use his voice, a deep, gravelly baritone to ensure each cut takes its own character. On “Do What I Want” and “All In” Azizi raps with a melodic sway, building up the trouble-free tone of the intro, while the lead single “Black Rose” features a staccato delivery, punctuating each line with the tight bounce of a pseudo-Caribbean rhythm.

Later, on “Hopeless” Azizi stretches into his falsetto range as he takes credit for a failed relationship. “I can’t believe this/ I’m lost without you/ I’m hopeless/ I’m strung out on you” is one of the tape’s more somber moments, though its three-minute run time doesn’t overtly tilt the tape in any one emotional direction.

Azizi Gibson, with his gruff voice and occasional foray into pitched up backing vocals crafts a tape that continues a refreshingly alternative approach to rap. Similar to Flying Lotus’ alter ego Captain Murphy, Azizi leaves behind the common tropes of coast claiming, gang banging and rep-making in favor of a continual push to make music with an undeniably personal approach.

Stream I’m Good on People below.