When XXL released its list of 12 Cleveland rappers to watch for to begin 2017, the publication casually glossed over Noetic, and rightly so; no one could have foretold his rise to prevalence later that year. The Ohioan artist dropped his debut single, “Back There,” on his SoundCloud in April, and has since garnered over 60,000 spins.

Since then, Noetic has been steadily pumping out singles ahead of his debut mixtape, Split Decision, which arrives on December 15. Of the six cuts that he’s released thus far, Noetic finds himself swaying between a bevy of auditory styles, including EDM, cloud rap, funk while working with names like Elhae, Ezri, and Kirk Stillz.

Depending on the track, Noetic tweaks his delivery to best match the production. On “Clearing My Mind” his poignant pronunciation bookmarks his heady verse. Noetic mournfully raps, “Love ones, I’m losing ‘em, take my mother to funerals and I’m tired of seeing her cry/ My Grandma passed, Grandpa never be whole again/ a year later, we digging a hole again,” in stark contrast to the pounding bass on this club ready track.

Noetic gracefully toes the line between being thought-provoking while performing casually engaging rhythms, like on “Smoke Signals.” Featuring Elhae, Noetic gallops around his verses with alliteration and catchy repetition that soothes the ears.

His musical diversity foretells his success. Able to rap, “TV shows when I was younger, Rugrats, Power Rangers/ Looney Tunes and hour later ‘Cowabunga,’” on “Back There” and then transition into an audible rave on “XFaded” should serve Noetic well, as he continues to widen his audience.

Split Decision drops Friday, December 15, 2017. Stream some of the tape’s singles below.