Long gone are the days of NBA players rocking their team uniforms at the All Star Game. 2002 marked the last time the midseason classic would showcase a mixture of jerseys on the hardwood, as the league switched to blue and red-based uniforms for the East and West respectively.

Though still unconfirmed, the 2018 All Star uniforms might be the first in over a decade not to adhere to the red vs. blue color scheme. Leaked through a variety of sources, the jerseys appear to feature a white base for the West and black base for the East, with accents, outlines and names lined in the opposite color.

Leaked 2018 NBA All Star Jerseys
Courtesy of NiceKicks on Instagram

Also of note is the shift away from using logos for the East and West. Instead, the team logo of each player will don the jersey’s front.

Simple and clean is always a safe option in the world of jersey design, though these would be more appropriate at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn than under the bright Los Angeles spotlights. Assuming these are real, adding a pop of color by incorporating each team’s primary colors in the logo might set the 2018 uniforms apart from the past.

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