How do you make up for 2 months of missing defense, non-existant team chemistry, and trade deadline uncertainty?

You become LeBron James.

In an ESPN Wednesday night marquee match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Minnesota Timberwolves, James smiled in the face of adversity, escorting a mid-range jump shot gently through the net.

Preceded by an equally impressive James’ block, the shot breezed through the rim effortlessly but carried the weight of an NBA Finals game winner. Cleveland’s recent slide to start 2018 has been packed with drama ranging from reports of owner Dan Gilbert wanting to sell the team to James’ expletive laden conversation with two Cleveland execs.

But, as James has shown time and time again, none of that matters when there’s an arena full of fans and a ball in his hands.

The Cavs still have a mountain to climb through the end of the season. But for one more night, the message is clear: We are still witnessing greatness.