Well overdue for another installment of Weekend Spins, let’s celebrate losing an hour of sleep this Sunday with a quick rundown of tapes you need to hear, and cuts you should avoid. Time is money!

Polyester The Saint – American Muscle 5.0

As early as the second track of Polyester’s latest tape, he’s busy hunting for, “Where the party at?” Channeling the fervent spirit of the late Tupac Shakur, Polyester delivers an undeniably West Coast, Gangsta Rap track list. It’s not enough that Polyester stunts like ‘Pac did – he sounds like him too. Down to his inflections and love for Hennessy, Polyester is flying under the radar but keeping Pac and the West’s spirit alive.

Teaming with Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, Problem, Buddy and plenty more notables from Los Angeles or otherwise, American Muscle 5.0 bounces around with the unmistakable southside swang and Parliamentary funk that made Death Row and it’s artists famous some 25 years ago.

Lil Yachty – Lil Boat 2

A horrendous debut album by the name of Teenage Emotions kept Yachty in hiding for much of 2017, popping up only to deliver his high-pitched, nasally, vocals on a rare occasion. With Lil Boat 2, Yachty has largely dropped the sugary, bubblegum act, giving his first real outing with rapping.

Though it lacks staying power, Lil Boat 2 mostly subdues Yachty’s awkward, “wild and crazy kid” persona and leaning more towards traditional, Atlanta trap music. Plenty of his verses, like his second on “Oops” (featuring 2 Chainz & K$upreme) can be entirely glossed over – Yachty begins by shouting series of two rhyming words and making the requisite “black as Seal” reference. Still, shoutouts to one hit wonders like Jibbs and pushing Rap Snacks keep Yachty’s kooky personalty in stock without manifesting a tape filled with the grating, sing-songy delivery of cuts like “Minnesota”.

Logic – Bobby Tarantino II

“Are we talking about mixtape logic? Or album Logic?” Rick from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty questions to lead into Logic’s sequel to 2016 Bobby Tarantino.

And sure enough, Logic comes through with speaker knocking, (paid) mixtape Logic. Across 12 tracks, Logic finds himself surrounded with booming 808’s video game references, and weed smoke, directly contrasting the cheery, gospel tinged, Everybody from 2017. The self-claimed “Young Sinatra” still incorporates some positivity in his tracks though – On “Yuck” he chants, “I’m a good man! Yeah I love myself!”. But by and large, Logic came through with a series of trunk rattlers just in time for the spring-breakers to turn up.

YFN Lucci – Ray Ray From Summerhill

YFN Lucci? More like ‘Why, effin’ Lucci’! (terrible joke, I know) Fully aware of the lack of bass to his voice, YFN Lucci’s latest drop will do little to sway uninterested listeners. The beats don’t bang enough to draw the turn up crowd, and the vocals aren’t smooth enough to entice the Trap&B crowd, so Lucci is left floundering in a sea of snares and empty verses.

Partially redeeming the tape however, is the verse from Meek Mill on “Street Kings”. Released earlier this year, riding the #FreeMeek wave could be the best thing Lucci could take from this year, well, that and the feature he secured from Offset on “Boss Life”. Migos and Meek will be all the rage for the foreseeable future, and Lucci currying favor should be a boon to his overall success.

What are you bumping this weekend? Let me know @BJTripleOT on Twitter or via email at bjohnson@tripleot.com.