The NBA is a brotherhood. Players are quick to shout-out others successes, as evidenced by Josh Richardson’s levitating after a Rodney McGruder three. 


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Levitate levitate levitate…

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Surprisingly, that same brotherhood has seemed to ignore a career milestone for one of the league’s most vocal players: Chris Paul.

During Thursday’s game against his former Los Angeles Clippers, Paul was slated to do something like this:


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Chris Paul has a lot of steals. #2000

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Averaging, 1.8 steals per game this season, the media has glossed over Paul’s impending accomplishment. No gleefully awkward local news coverage, no “listical” articles running down his career’s best steals. 

As it happens, Chris Paul tends to fly under the radar. He last posted to social media on March 13, but it was merely a video to his new State Farm ad.  

Paul is far from being a LeBron James personality who congratulates his past/future self on his milestones. Probably rocking a stank-face, Paul sticks to business, focusing on the play at hand.

This wouldn’t be the first time Paul was uninformed of a personal record. In 2012, Paul hit 5,000 career assists and was completely unaware.

So here’s to Chris Paul’s 2000th steal. He joins an elite club: only 12 others have hit the mark in NBA/ABA history. Applauding someone for their thievery is a tad ironic, but Paul is definitively a sticky-fingered king among men.