For the third release of the four-part series Live from Public Housing, Brooklyn’s Gannon Nwar is, as he raps on Public’s “Make It Back”, “focused on the nuance”. Taking inspiration from Pharrell, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes and others Nwar is a double threat, serving as the executive producer and the sole voice across the series.

In line with the EP’s title Public, each of the cuts take inspiration from his hometown and the difficulty in finding success. Nwar spits, “It’s about taking chances/ that’s the only way to see advancements/ Well prepared for the struggle/ Just to take a risk and make it double,” on “Music to a Come Up”, speaking truth to existence ahead of upcoming tour to be announced Summer 2018.

Where the second EP in the series From, utilized Nwar’s ability to string together densely packed bars into uptempo grooves, Public slows things down in favor of hard-hitting streetwise tracks. But in both cases Nwar makes clear his role as part of a larger community. “I relate to the kids that never had it/ The ones that was prepared for the static/ The ones that emerged from the madness/ The ones who ate the crumbs from the crackers,” paints a grim picture of the ever-present struggle, but is laced with the hope Nwar preaches through much of his music.

Still awaiting the final piece of the Live from Public Housing series, Nwar’s work to date is available for purchase at or to stream internationally on Spotify and Apple Music.